Instructor Bio

Kurt Brooks
Kurt began studying Martial Arts over a decade ago and has competed in Muay Thai, MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu. Originally from Carson City, Kurt moved to Las Vegas to train Mixed Martial Arts at UFC star Wanderlei Silva’s gym, Wand Fight Team. Kurt eventually became a coach at Wand Fight Team and after years of living in Las Vegas moved to the birth place of Muay Thai, Thailand. Kurt furthered his knowledge of Muay Thai at the infamous Jitmoungnon gym in Bangkok, and later at AKA in Phuket. Additionally Kurt has coached at Tristar MMA Australia, and currently teaches at the Charles Gracie Academy of Carson City and Reno.

Experience The CKC Difference: How I Coach

“I have never been athletic; it has always taken me longer to acquire techniques. Often I will have to breakdown a technique into micro movements to evaluate its parts and then put it back together again.  Over the years this has given me the advantage of understanding the fine often missed details that make a technique the most effective and fluid. I have found this deconstruction process very valuable in learning skills quickly.
Many coaches rush through what are thought to be simple techniques, losing valuable key micro movements in the process.  Think about when you learned to read. You broke apart words into letters and then sounds, you practiced each piece slowly, then eventually it became fast without any emphasis on speed.  The same applies to martial arts.
Once the knowledge of a skill is understood, I then evaluate whether each student has the right mobility to complete the movement effectively.  If they are missing a key range of motion on a kick, I then prescribe a mobility plan to achieve the necessary range.
Another component of learning martial arts is the ability to perform proper technique under pressure, which requires a look inward to understand your own self talk.  The mental side of martial arts is most often overlooked or under-emphasized but plays a vital role in competition and self-defense. Breathing and mindfulness techniques are just a few skills sets I give my students to explore.  
Along with technical and mental training, I also take careful note of everyone’s physical output.  I believe in consistency over intensity. The more days you can train the better you will get. If you redline yourself early on you will miss several days due to recovery or worse, suffer injury.  I believe firmly in a scientific approach and have applied extensive research to refine each of these methods.” – Kurt