The Quintessential Jiu Jitsu GI
Perfect for training or competition for all experience level BJJ players.

Using a 450 gram pearl weave jacket and 11 oz. super comfortable twill cotton pants this Jiu Jitsu GI could easily be priced at upwards of $140.

Not to mention we are including a free white belt making it a perfect solution for new practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or for academy’s looking to offer a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GI with everything needed for a new student.

This uniform is IBJJF legal and Weight size A-3 Jacket & Pants = 3lbs 9oz.

*Please note that in Oct of 2020 all v6 gis have transitioned from a white CRNR shoulder patch to red (as shown in the photos). During this transition, you may receive either model . There is no difference in quality, style or anything else other than this very subtle color change.

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100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton construction
One Piece Construction, No back seam
High Def. Embroidery and Labeling
Durable 450 gram lightweight PEARL weave perfect for all weather conditions
Fast Drying RIGID lightweight EVA filled collar


Durable 11 oz. drill cotton construction
6 draw string loops
Stretchy rope drawstring
“Stepped” Waist design keeps pants in place
Double layered angle pattern knees


All Triple stitched & Gusset reinforced seams
Include high quality BJJ belt with black tab
Quadruple stitched hems (Jacket and Pants)

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