I went to Gracie Jiu-jitsu w/my 12 year old neice for children’s Jiu-jitsu classes. I immediately liked that Coach Kurt greeted and introduced himself to both of us. CKC is located in the same space and I was interested in the Kickboxing/Muay Thai classes for myself. Coach Kurt trained in Thailand and is experienced in the art of Muay Thai AND a Jiu-jitsu black belt. This sold me as I was not looking for cardio kickboxing, but to learn proper techniques for self-defense.  Coach Kurt has a patient, knowledgeable, and calculated approach that focuses on proper technique and he kindly answers my barrage of questions. Most importantly, Coach Kurt has a deep respect for the sport and holds others accountable to proper conduct and integrity. I’ve tried several gyms in the past and didn’t feel they were a good fit for multiple reasons.  This is not a cookie cutter gym and you get personalized attention from an experienced martial artist. Although the workouts focus on technique, they are not easy by any means. If you are interested in learning proper technique for self-defense while getting your @ss whooped into shape, I couldn’t recommend more. I feel more confident in my ability to protect myself and loved ones…getting into shape doesn’t hurt either.