1. Flat Feet

Being flat footed slows down your movement.  This is why jump roping is often a staple in fight training.

2. Tippie Toes

The opposite of being flat footed, many beginners believe they need to always be up on their toes this is not true.  Many movements such as evading punches, checking kicks etc. may be done with one foot flat for added stability. As a rule you always want to have at least one foot elevated.

3. Moving the Wrong Foot First/Crossing

When moving in any direction the foot closest to that direction must move first. If you move the wrong foot first while traveling to the left or right you will surely cross your feet resulting in compromised balance.

4. Moving Feet too Close Together

This is really similar to #3, however your feet may cross due to over stepping your second foot. If you take a 3 inch step one way your trail foot must take an equivalent step in order to maintain the proper balance.

5. Dragging Feet

Dragging your feet is like having an anchor tied around your your ankle. Picking your feet up will increase the speed you move in all directions.

6. Stance too Wide

Having your stance too wide will negatively effect you power out put on kicks and punches, it also will make it very difficult to defend kicks.


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