The best way to learn a skill is to slow it down enough to find and correct error. I often times like to slow things down so much that they are no longer one fluid movement (macro movement) , but several small movements (micro movements).

The advantages to this is now I can look at a technique, let’s say a body kick, and identify the key micro movements one of my students is doing incorrectly. Once I identify the key missing piece, I can then have them drill that piece separately from the whole movement. By doing so I can increase the rate at which students learn, by focusing on key missing pieces. Once a missing piece is mastered I will then have them continue the entire movement. Often times I will warm up with mirco movements that relate to the marco movement of the day.



Here are some of the key mirco movement that make up the body kick.


What piece are you missing? 

Muay Thai Master Saenchai at work!

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